Are you tired of city life and driving a car? If you want to experience something new and relaxing then you should come on a carriege tour in the nature. Take along your friends and enjoy a real nature journey. At the same time it is possible to have photo hunting and picnic.


There are different routes. You can choose between different sights: old manor houses, heritages like a big common grave or a church. By good weather you can have a swim in a beautiful lake or river.

Estonian rustical culture and nature are so interesting. Every piece of land has its own story which is waiting to be told.

Each tour lasts 2-3 hours. According to the wish it is possible to arrange 4-5 hour tours.

For the asking you can subscribe to a tour guide.


PRICES: vankrimatkad.jpg

2-3 hour carriege tour to nature

For 2 people - 90 €

For 4 people - 190 €

For 8 people - 370 €

For 12 people - 550 €

For 20 people - 900 €